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The U.A. College of Science

& Technology (FCT Campus)

The UA College of Science &Technology is a prestigious and accredited international institution in Nigeria.

The U.A College of Science and Technology, a part of The University of America University System in USA, is a private institution of higher education, delivering unique, career-based programs in the heart of West Africa.

We offer the highest standard of education, delivered by highly-qualified faculty with extensive industrial experience. Our focus is on providing internationally-recognized science, engineering, computer science, technology, business and liberal arts courses which allow students to enhance their future career prospects.

Many of our courses have Nigerian, British, European and American accreditation, allowing students to obtain a degree that encompasses the best of all four systems.


The U.A College of Science and Technology aims to provide quality education within an environment which promotes personal development. Our goal is to help all our students to attain global qualifications, to assist and guide them along their personal development paths and to give them the opportunity to launch their careers with their newly acquired knowledge. We take great pride in knowing every student as an individual and therefore help each one of the reach their future academic and career goals.

The UA has international, institutional and programmatic accreditation and recognition in US, UK and globally.

It is a US and UK, and globally recognized institution. Prestigious University of America Affiliate: The UA College of Science and Technology is Affiliated with The University of America accredited by the British (ASIC) as a quality provider of further and higher education. Our courses are European Government and American accredited: the degrees are awarded by The University of America USA and the Universidad San Juan De La Cruz Costa Rica base course credits transferred from The U.A College of Science and Technology Isuofia.

 The University of America is a member of The Accreditation Agency Curacao (AAC).The Accreditation Agency Curacao (AAC) is a regional and international Accrediting Agency of Higher Education officially recognized by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Government of Curacao. AAC is a member of The International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE), affiliate of European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) and the US. CHEA CIQG.

All credits earned at the UA General Studies Department are transferable to the University of America senior year degree programs in:

Aerospace & Rocket Engineering


Aeronautical Engineeering



Benefits in joining The UACST FCT

In affiliation with The University of America USA/ Universidad De Azteca Mexico and Universidad Central De Nicaragua, those who successfully completed their studies in The UA College of Science and Technology would have the choice of transferring all the credits for further studies and earning a Degree instead of Dip or ND. Through this affiliation The UA College of Science and Technology graduates earns internationally accredited, recognized and respected diplomas and degrees and be eligible for NYSC, in various fields of their studies .

We do not only educate you, we also certify and charter you to become a  recognized  chartered intelligent, security and strategic studies professional.

So we invite you to join this astute professional body-CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF INTELLIGENCE, SECURITY AND STRATEGIC STUDIES (CISAS)- membership levels available from basic to highest are:
Associate Member= ACISA.
Full Member= MCISAS.
Graduate Member=GMCISAS.
Chartered Member= CharteredMCISAS  or ChMCISAS
Fellow Member= FellowMCISAS  or  FCISAS

Administration of UACST



Prof Engr. Gamaliel O.O. Prince B.Sc M.Sc. PhD ,D.Sc, PhD Ed, LLD .LittD

Vice-Chancellor/Rector Magnificus

Gracia Roemer M.Ed . BA AASE.

Chief Registrar/Acting Provost USA


Pro-Chancellor of UA Nigeria

Dr. Shullam Francisca BSN, San Juan. MEd , MA. PhD UA USA

Deputy Rector